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300 Meters Rule for Vehicles Carrying Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods loaded or unloaded dangerous goods, but uncleaned vehicles, settlements, schools, public buildings, shopping centers, places such as places of worship at least 300 meters away from the parking was required.

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, “Regulation on the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road” was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force.

Within the scope of the Regulation, there are dangerous goods transportation activities of tank-container / portable tank operators, unloaders and all public institutions and organizations, as well as senders, buyers and loaders who are involved in the transportation of dangerous goods by road.

Turkish Armed Forces, Gendarmerie General Command, General Directorate of Security and Coast Guard Command, on behalf of the transport of dangerous goods by third parties are also included in the regulation.

Accordingly, hazardous materials will be transported on the public road, in a controlled, safe and safe manner, without harming human health and with a negative impact on the environment, in accordance with the regulations and provisions of the European Agreement on International Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR). Those who will carry out transportation activities will have to have the relevant authorization certificate.

Sending, packaging, filling, loading and unloading the companies with dangerous goods activity certificate and carriers carrying dangerous goods “dangerous goods safety consultants” to employ or “dangerous goods safety consulting organization (TMGDK)” will be required to receive consulting services.

Transporters will have to apply to the Ministry to obtain appropriate documents for their field of activity.


It is important that the drivers who will carry dangerous cargo transportation receive training from the educational institutions authorized by the Ministry in accordance with the class or mode of transport of the dangerous goods to be transported and succeed in the examination to be carried out by the Ministry. Successful drivers in the exam, by the Ministry of Hazardous Goods Transport Driver Training Certificate will be held.

Loading of dangerous substances, filling, transporting or a serious accident or incident win the party responsible for the events in the place where the event that occurred during the evacuation, need to be notified to the Ministry via www.tü within 7 business days.

Dangerous goods loaded or unloaded dangerous goods, but uncleaned vehicles, filling and unloading time outside the settlements, schools, public buildings, shopping centers, places such as places at least 300 meters away from the parking was required.

For vehicles with model model 2014 and earlier that do not fully meet the requirements of ADR, which will operate within the country or to countries that are not parties to ADR, a Vehicle Compliance Certificate will be required according to the procedures and principles set by the Ministry.


Dangerous goods for those who operate the roadside and operating controls to be made, from 50 pounds to 5 thousand pounds will be applied administrative fines.

Dangerous goods transport activity, the business, more than one activity subject to an audit of this business will be cut administrative fine 12 thousand pounds, only the transport activity of the carrier to be cut in an audit of administrative fines 6 thousand pounds, the driver will be charged an administrative penalty to exceed 500 pounds.

As a result of the audits, the Ministry staff, traffic police, and gendarmerie personnel were authorized in the places outside the duty area of ​​the traffic police to issue an administrative fine decision.


According to the regulation, vehicles that have model year 2014 and before and which are used in the transportation of dangerous goods within the borders of the country or to the countries which are not a party to ADR and which are registered to the traffic registry on the date of entry into force of the regulation, have received Vehicle Status Determination Certificate but have no ADR / Vehicle Conformity Certificate, He will have to obtain the ADR / Vehicle Compliance Certificate by December 31st. An administrative fine shall be imposed on the carrier who does not receive the Vehicle Due Diligence Certificate and this document will not replace the ADR / Vehicle Conformity Certificate.