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Air Cargo Drone Period Very Close

Some cargo companies are carrying out infrastructure works in order to make cargo deliveries with drone after a very short time. The drone, which a Norwegian company plans to commission in 2020, will be 60 meters long.

We witness day-to-day changes in logistics and cargo transportation with the increase in freight capacity and the emergence of advanced tracking systems that distances distances from being a fearful dream. Some cargo companies are preparing to establish smart fleets that can deliver by drone very soon. Nautilus, a US-based start-up, gave the first information about the drone on which it has been conducting R & D studies for a long time.

The drone, scheduled to be commissioned in 2020, will have a length of 60 meters. Thanks to this system, which is particularly advantageous in time compared to ship transportation, the transportation of cargoes carried by aircraft will significantly reduce costs.

Lifts more than 200 kilograms

Also designed by a Norwegian company and unloading more than 200 kilograms of unmanned aerial vehicle, cargo transportation, as well as search and rescue operations can be used. Norway’s drone manufacturing company Griffin Aviation Social Media Manager Nikolas Gogstad Andersen said in a statement, which can lift more than 200 kilograms of load eight propeller will markets its unmanned aerial vehicles in Turkey, but history says not clear. Og The Griff 300 can be used for cargo and search and rescue operations, G says Gogstad Andersen. You can move food, timber, concrete or anything you want. If the customer informs us what to carry, we will adapt the load capacity of the vehicle accordingly. Sipariş You can also use the drone for operations such as fire fighting or watering, ıyla he said with a custom-built water tank.

Can fly for 45 minutes

Gogstad Andersen stated that the target group of the vehicle is determined as private sector and agriculture and that they plan to sell it to law enforcement officers and said: ız We will try to meet the demands of every customer. Griff’s products will not be sold to anyone who has a tendency to harm someone else. ”

The Griff 300, produced at Griff Aviation in Sykkylven, Norway, can handle a load of 226.7 kilograms. The vehicle can be loaded for 45 minutes.