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Establishing RO-RO Line with Greece

between Turkey and Greece signed in 2013, “Marine Memorandum of Cooperation”, published in Official Gazette entered into force the previous day. Following the visit of Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras according to the memorandum of understanding entered into force in Turkey, the Turkish ports and regular sea lines for container and Ro-Ro transportation between Greek ports to be established. Cruise ships will be encouraged to stop at the ports of both sides in order to improve marine tourism in the Aegean Sea, the Black Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean.

The following items were included in the Memorandum of Understanding:

– Cooperation between Turkish private maritime companies and Greek private maritime companies, including the exchange of technical and administrative expertise, will be encouraged.

– Establishment of regular sea lines for containers and Ro-Ro transport between Turkish ports and Greek ports will be encouraged.

– Cooperation opportunities in maritime trade, port management and administration will be explored and exchange of experience and knowledge will be strengthened.

Two shores will be connected

– Turkey and Greece maritime administration include maritime cooperation and experience exchange in the field of maritime education in the field of learning and development opportunities of cooperation will be explored.

– In order to develop new views and programs to improve cooperation, mutual visits between the Maritime Authorities of the parties will be discussed and the issues of mutual interest of the parties such as the exchange of maritime technologies, investments and cooperation will be discussed.

– Cruise ships will be encouraged to stop at the ports of both sides in order to improve marine tourism in the Aegean, Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean.

– Cooperation between the private companies of the parties in the fields of shipbuilding, repair, maintenance, yacht manufacturing and yacht manufacturing facility investment, ship recycling and ship building facility investment will be enhanced.

Duration 1 year

It was emphasized in the agreement that any disputes arising from the interpretation or application of the seizure would be resolved “amicably yoluyla through negotiations between the parties. While the restraint was decided to remain in force for 1 year, one of the parties will be able to declare the intention to terminate the agreement through diplomatic channels 6 months before the expiration of the term. In the absence of declaration, the duration of the seizure will automatically extend for another year.